Six Essential Civil War links

by Andrew on April 12, 2011

There has always been a lot of great information on the Civil War to be found online. With the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War there is a plethora of great content to peruse. Here are six links to some rather unique content that piqued my interest.

1) Ten things you didn’t know about the Civil War
Here is one of the interesting tidbits – “more people earned the Medal of Honor in the Civil War than in World War I, World War II, and Vietnam combined.”

2) The History Channel has a huge roundup of articles, videos, and interactive online exhibits marking the 150th anniversary

3) In 1961, National Geographic Magazine marked the 100th anniversary of the war with a map that showed every battle, campaign, and major event of the war. Bella Terra Publishing is producing the maps and they are for sale for $7.95 at

4) When the Civil War Came West

5) Looking for the start of the Civil War? Try Maine

6) Civil War began at Fort Sumter where the only casualty was an unfortunate mule

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