Family Reunion photo from 1940

by Andrew on July 28, 2009

Kentucky Family Reunion - 1940

Kentucky Family Reunion - 1940

I attended our annual family reunion over the weekend and while we were doing the annual (and somewhat tedious) picture taking I thought about looking up some old family reunion pictures online at the Library of Congress website. The above photo I found is of a family reunion from August of 1940 somewhere near Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. This particular photo struck me as the house and porch reminded me of the numerous times we have lined up on the porch of the old family farm over the years to have our picture taken and our presence at the reunion officially documented.

Nowadays, everyone (well, nearly everyone but my great aunt) uses a digital camera to take our pictures. We also give family members our email address every year and, in theory, they should send us a digital copy of the pictures. Alas, that is not the case and I honestly can’t say I have seen even one of the more recent family pictures.

Each year it seems like another member of the older generation has passed away and an album (either digital or physical) of all the old photos would be a great thing to peruse each year. It is funny the power photographs have in triggering memories that we didn’t remember until seeing the picture. I’m sure there are numerous events and stories they would bring to mind for myself.

I wonder – what happened to the people in this photo? Do their descendants still gather somewhere near Lawrenceburg, Kentucky to remember this generation and others as well as to hold together the melting pot of family memories and stories passed down through each generation?

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